Frequently Asked Questions - Integrated Family Care of Cincinnati

Jun 12, 2018


Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page of Integrated Family Care at Norton Community Medical Associates. Here, we aim to provide comprehensive information about our health services and address common queries to help you make informed decisions about your family's well-being.

1. What is Integrated Family Care?

Integrated Family Care is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on the well-being of the entire family. It combines primary care, preventive medicine, specialized services, and patient education to provide comprehensive and personalized care for all age groups.

2. Why should I choose Integrated Family Care?

Choosing Integrated Family Care offers numerous benefits. It allows your entire family to receive care from a single healthcare provider, enhances continuity of care, promotes better communication, and ensures a better understanding of your family's medical history and unique needs. It also helps in preventive care, early detection of diseases, and promoting overall wellness.

3. What services are included in Integrated Family Care?

Our Integrated Family Care services cover a wide range of healthcare needs, including:

  • Primary care for all age groups
  • Preventive healthcare including screenings and vaccinations
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Pediatric care
  • Women's health services
  • Geriatric care
  • Behavioral health services
  • Coordination of specialized care and referrals

4. How can Integrated Family Care benefit my children?

Integrated Family Care offers dedicated pediatric care for children of all ages. Our healthcare providers are experienced in managing a wide range of pediatric conditions, providing vaccinations, conducting developmental assessments, and promoting healthy growth and development. Having a consistent healthcare provider who understands your child's medical history can provide better continuity of care and help address any concerns promptly.

5. Can I still see specialists with Integrated Family Care?

Yes, absolutely! Our team at Integrated Family Care works closely with specialists to ensure comprehensive and coordinated care. If you require specialized treatment or consultations, we will facilitate referrals to trusted specialists and maintain communication to ensure your healthcare needs are met in the most effective and efficient manner.

6. How can Integrated Family Care enhance preventive care?

Integrated Family Care places a strong emphasis on preventive care. Our healthcare providers will work with you and your family to create personalized preventive care plans, including recommended screenings, vaccinations, lifestyle modifications, and health education. By identifying potential health risks early on and taking necessary preventive measures, we can help you maintain optimal health and prevent the development of chronic conditions.

7. How can I schedule an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment at Integrated Family Care is quick and easy. You can reach out to our office directly via phone or through our online appointment booking system on our website. We strive to accommodate your scheduling preferences and find appointment times that suit your busy lifestyle.

8. Can I transfer my medical records to Integrated Family Care?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of having your complete medical history to provide optimal care. When you become a patient at Integrated Family Care, we will assist you in transferring your medical records from your previous healthcare providers. This enables us to have a comprehensive understanding of your medical background, ensuring continuity and quality of care.


Integrated Family Care at Norton Community Medical Associates offers comprehensive healthcare solutions for individuals and families in Cincinnati. Through a holistic approach, we strive to provide personalized, preventive, and patient-centered care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the benefits of our integrated approach to healthcare.