Welcome to Dr. Sarah N Korte, MD - Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Aug 4, 2023

Norton Community Medical Associates is proud to offer the services of Dr. Sarah N Korte, an experienced and compassionate pediatric hospital medicine specialist. With a commitment to providing exceptional healthcare for children, Dr. Korte and her dedicated team strive to deliver comprehensive and personalized medical services in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Comprehensive Pediatric Hospital Medicine Care

At Norton Community Medical Associates, we understand that your child's health is of the utmost importance. Dr. Sarah N Korte specializes in pediatric hospital medicine, which focuses on the care of hospitalized children. This specialized field involves managing and treating a wide range of medical conditions in young patients, including acute illnesses, chronic diseases, and complex medical cases.

With years of experience and expertise, Dr. Korte is equipped to provide comprehensive care for children admitted to the hospital. She collaborates closely with other healthcare professionals, including pediatricians, nurses, and specialists, to ensure that your child receives the best possible medical attention and treatment.

A Caring and Supportive Environment

We understand that a hospital stay can be stressful and overwhelming for both children and their families. That's why Dr. Sarah N Korte and her team are committed to creating a caring and supportive environment for every child under their care. We prioritize open communication, empathy, and compassion, ensuring that both the child and family feel heard, understood, and supported throughout the hospitalization process.

Our team takes a family-centered approach, recognizing the vital role that parents and guardians play in their child's healthcare journey. We strive to provide all necessary information, education, and support to empower families to make informed decisions about their child's care.

Specialized Expertise and Services

Dr. Sarah N Korte and her team provide a wide range of specialized pediatric hospital medicine services, including:

  • Expert management of acute illnesses
  • Coordination of care with primary pediatricians and specialists
  • Treatment of chronic diseases
  • Management of complex medical cases
  • Collaboration with pediatric surgeons and other specialists
  • Pain management
  • Post-operative care

We understand that each child is unique, and their healthcare needs may vary. Dr. Korte takes the time to listen, assess, and develop personalized treatment plans that address the specific needs of every child in her care.

Contact Dr. Sarah N Korte, MD

If your child requires the expertise of a pediatric hospital medicine specialist, Dr. Sarah N Korte and her team are here to help. Contact Norton Community Medical Associates today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services:

We look forward to caring for your child's health and well-being.