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Feb 16, 2018

About Dr. Taunya M Jasper, MD - Pediatrician at Norton Community Medical Associates

Welcome to the profile of Dr. Taunya M Jasper, MD, a highly qualified and experienced pediatrician at Norton Community Medical Associates. Dr. Jasper is dedicated to providing top-quality healthcare services for children in Frankfort, KY, ensuring their well-being and development from birth through adolescence.

Quality Pediatric Care for Happy and Healthy Children

At Norton Community Medical Associates, we believe in delivering compassionate and comprehensive pediatric care to meet all your child's medical needs. As a board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Taunya M Jasper has substantial experience in the field and is committed to ensuring the health and happiness of every child in our community.

Expertise and Services

With her extensive medical knowledge and dedication to continuous learning, Dr. Jasper offers a wide range of pediatric services to address various health concerns and provide preventive care. Her expertise covers areas such as:

  • Well-child check-ups and immunizations
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Developmental assessments and screenings
  • Behavioral and emotional health
  • Nutrition and healthy lifestyle guidance

Personalized Approach

Dr. Jasper understands that every child is unique, and their healthcare needs should be approached with personalized care. She takes the time to listen to parents' concerns, thoroughly assess each child's medical history, and provide tailored recommendations and treatments to optimize their health and development.

Caring and Supportive Environment

Our clinic creates a warm and welcoming environment for both children and their families. We strive to build lasting relationships with our patients, fostering trust and open communication throughout their healthcare journey. Dr. Jasper and her dedicated team are here to answer any questions, offer support, and guide you through your child's healthcare needs.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are looking for a trusted pediatrician in Frankfort, KY, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Taunya M Jasper, MD, at Norton Community Medical Associates. We are committed to providing exceptional pediatric care and ensuring the well-being of your child. Contact us today to book a visit or to learn more about our services.


Norton Community Medical Associates is proud to have Dr. Taunya M Jasper as a valuable member of our pediatric team. With her expertise, personalized care approach, and commitment to comprehensive healthcare, you can be confident that your child's needs will be met in a caring and professional manner. Schedule an appointment today and experience the outstanding care that Dr. Jasper and our team provide.

Stenitta Hostetter
Great pediatrician for children in Frankfort! 👍🏼
Nov 8, 2023