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Nov 23, 2020
Community Outreach


Welcome to Norton Community Medical Associates, where we value the power of volunteers in creating a healthier community. We believe that by giving back, we can make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families. As a leading healthcare organization in Louisville, Ky., we offer various opportunities for individuals to get involved and contribute their skills, time, and compassion to our mission. Join us as a volunteer and be part of the change!

Why Volunteer with Norton Community Medical Associates?

At Norton Healthcare, we understand that volunteers play a significant role in supporting our healthcare services and enhancing patient experiences. By becoming a volunteer, you can:

  • Make a Difference: Your contribution can help improve the quality of life for patients and their families. Whether it's by providing comfort, lending a listening ear, or assisting with administrative tasks, your presence can make a meaningful impact.
  • Gain Valuable Experience: Volunteering at Norton Community Medical Associates gives you the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in a healthcare setting. It can be an excellent stepping stone for those considering a career in the healthcare industry.
  • Build Connections: Our volunteer program allows you to connect with healthcare professionals, fellow volunteers, and individuals from diverse backgrounds. By networking and building relationships, you can expand your personal and professional circle.
  • Personal Satisfaction: The joy of giving back and making a positive difference in someone's life is a rewarding feeling. As a volunteer, you can experience personal growth and fulfillment knowing that you are actively contributing to the wellbeing of others.

How to Get Involved

Ready to take the first step in becoming a volunteer? Here are some ways you can contribute to our mission:

1. Patient Support:

Provide valuable support and companionship to patients by assisting with various activities such as:

  • Engaging in friendly conversations and offering emotional support
  • Assisting with patient activities and recreational programs
  • Helping with meal services and ensuring patient comfort

2. Administrative Assistance:

Support our healthcare professionals by assisting with administrative tasks, including:

  • Answering phone calls and directing inquiries
  • Organizing and filing medical records
  • Assisting with scheduling appointments
  • Providing general clerical support

3. Community Outreach:

Help us create awareness and educate the community about important health topics by participating in:

  • Health fairs and community events
  • Health screenings and workshops
  • Health education programs for schools and community organizations

4. Fundraising and Development:

Support our efforts in raising funds to enhance patient care and expand our services by:

  • Assisting with planning and organizing fundraising events
  • Participating in community drives and campaigns
  • Engaging in donor stewardship activities

Join Our Volunteer Team Today!

Becoming a volunteer at Norton Community Medical Associates is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Our dedicated team will provide you with the necessary training and support to excel in your role. To take the first step towards making a difference, simply fill out our online volunteer application form on our website. We will review your information and get in touch with you to discuss further steps.

Thank you for your interest in Norton Healthcare and for your commitment to improving the health and wellness of our community. Together, we can create a brighter and healthier future!

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Oct 16, 2023